Online Audit Help

Please read our Audit FAQ section below

How can I start the audit?

To start your Anonymous Online Audit please go to www.anonymousonlineaudit.comPlease note this service is provided by an independent third party and you will be re-directed to a new website.

What is the purpose of the audit?

Imagine going through life without capitalising on your greatest strength - or constantly failing because of some small weakness you were completely unaware of.

Strangely enough, this is a common problem because we often don’t see ourselves clearly or objectively.

The solution is a simple but powerful tool called The Anonymous Online Audit which allows you to see yourself from a different perspective.

It allows you to invite friends, work colleagues, family to leave detailed information about your strengths, weakness and common mistakes in total confidence that their feedback will be anonymous.

All the comments from all your auditors will be combined into a single report so you won’t know who said each comment - they’ll be completely protected - and so they can be totally open with you without fear of upsetting their personal relationship with you.

Since its release, people have contacted us to say The Anonymous Audit provided them with truly surprising insights into themselves that they’d never have imagined.
Insights that helped them unleash their true potential or overcome an issue that constantly held them back

We think you'll be surprised at how helpful it is!

What is a "Winner" and what is an "Auditor"?

Winner: The person receiving comments and feedback about themselves

Auditors: The people writing comments about a person (the Winner)

The Online Audit is free for Auditors leaving comments and has been streamlined to be as simple as possible for them. The Winner pays $9.00 only after they have received comments from at least four different Auditors (there’s no limit) and they choose to ‘close the audit’ and receive their report. It’s entirely free until that last step.


How do I get started/invite someone?

You start by either registering or logging on

  • Register by clicking on one of the Register links and then enter a user name, password and email address to create an account.
  • Log in by clicking on one of the Log in links if you have already registered on this site or if you want to log in with your Facebook or Google address and then enter few simple details to create an account.

Once you have done this, you can just follow the numbered steps at the bottom of each page.

How long is my audit open?

There is no time limit for your audit. It will remain open until you choose to close it. You may choose to manually close your audit after a minimum of 4 auditors have submitted feedback.

However, if you have asked lots of people to audit you it would make sense to leave your audit open longer until more auditors have submitted feedback.

Remember, some auditors may have received your email but will spend a great deal of time constructing feedback about you which they may not yet have submitted and it would be a huge shame to lose this invaluable feedback by closing your audit without notifying such auditors.

The Check Audit Status page allows you to see which of your auditors have already left feedback.

What happens if I only have 3 comments submitted to my audit?

You won't be able to see any comments about you until a minimum of 4 auditors have completed feedback about you and you manually close the audit. If less than 4 auditors have submitted feedback we encourage that you send a follow-up email to all your auditors reminding them of how important their feedback is.

What do I need to do in order to see comments about me?

You won't be able to see any comments about you until a minimum of 4 auditors have completed feedback and you manually close the audit (you cannot manually close your audit until at least 4 auditors have submitted feedback).

At this point all comments from your auditors are randomised and compiled into a single audit feedback report. This is presented to you in such a way that guarantees you don't know who wrote which comment about you. In order to view this audit report click the "view audit results" button. You are then required to make a one off payment of $9.00 using PayPal in order to receive your audit report.

How much does an audit cost?

An audit itself costs nothing to set up. However, once an audit is closed all comments from your auditors are then randomised and an anonymous feedback report is compiled. In order to view this anonymous feedback report you are required to make a single payment of $9.00 using PayPal.

Can I do more than one audit?

No. Currently, each user can only have one audit.

Of course, you could set-up another user to do another audit.

For how long can I view my anonymous feedback report?

Your anonymous feedback report will be accessible from the Check Audit Status page. You can view it at any time.

How secure are the results of my audit?

Privacy Third party provider: The Winner's Bible Audit Team holds security in the highest regard and we do everything we can to ensure the security of your information. However, we accept no responsibility or liability for any breaches in security and subsequent harm that may result. We will not disclose or share any of your personal details with outside parties. Terms: The views expressed in a personal audit are not the views of the third party provider or The Winner’s Bible brand or any associated individual or organization.  We can accept no responsibility for the accuracy or lack of accuracy of the particular comments in a personal audit. The Winner’s Bible Team take your privacy extremely seriously.



How do I get started/audit a friend?

Your friend ("the winner") will first send you an email inviting you (an "auditor") to partake in their audit and write comments about them.

Contained in that email invitation is a unique link which you click on.

Once you click on the link you'll then be taken to the audit feedback page on this website. Here you can enter your comments. Comments are divided into 5 categories; strengths, weakness, skills the winner needs to improve, repeated mistakes and other comments.

Please think about your friend with a completely open mind and remember that these comments can truly change the winners' life and really help them to see themselves in a new light.

Once you have entered your comments and your name you can then click the "Save and Exit" button and your comments will be submitted to the audit. The winner never gets to see your comments until at least 3 other people have completed the audit and the audit has been closed by the winner.

If, after submitting your initial comments, you decide that you would like to add further comments you may do so provided that the audit remains open. To do so you simply repeat this process. Click the unique audit link you will have received in an email from the winner. This will take you back to the same audit page where you will again be able to enter your comments.

Once the audit is closed all submitted comments are randomised and presented to the winner as a single anonymous feedback report. This is presented in such a way that guarantees the winner does not know who wrote which comment about them and you therefore cannot be identified.

Your name will not appear anywhere in this feedback report.

How long is my friend's audit open for?

An audit will remain open indefinitely. Once the winner has received feedback from a minimum of 4 different auditors they may choose to close their audit.

Can I come back and enter comments days later or do I have to do all my comments in one day?

While the audit remains open you can come back and submit as many sets of comments as you like.

To do so simply follow the same process; click the unique audit link you will have received in an email from this web site. This will take you back to the same audit page where you will again be able to enter comments. Comments you have previously entered will not be visible but are stored in the database and will be included in the anonymous feedback report.

How will my comments be displayed?

Only after a minimum of 4 auditors have completed feedback and the winner chooses to close the audit are your comments anonymously combined with the comments from at least 3 other auditors. All submitted comments are randomised and presented to the winner as a single anonymous feedback report. This is presented in such a way that guarantees the winner doesn't know who wrote which comment about them and you therefore cannot be identified.

Can I delete a comment if I change my mind?

No. Once you have submitted your feedback it is final. We therefore ask that before submitting your comments you take time to think seriously about the winner and how your comments will affect them.

What shall I write about the person who invited me?

If you've read The Winner's Bible Book you'll already know the sorts of things you should be thinking about writing about your friend. But if not, the best idea is to read the Audit Example.

This will show you how thinking outside the box and thinking deeply about your friend can help them to see themselves in a different light.

Don't just list a series of adjectives. That doesn't really help anyone. You need to go into more detail. If you know them well enough you may know some of the underlying causes of why they don't finish off a project. Is it because they're lazy? Do they not have enough belief in themselves? Do they need to clearly identify their goals? You see, you're really here to help them and make some deep and detailed suggestions.

Does it cost me anything to contribute to an audit on my friend?

No. As an auditor there is no cost. Only the winner is required to pay a one off payment in order to view their audit results (anonymous feedback report).