Audit Example

If you are interested in doing the Audit please think about your friend with a completely open mind. without the constraints of any preconceived scales or a list of items to rank. I want you to think about their unique personality, what they do, and how they think.

Below is an example that illustrates why standard psychological questionnaires or assessments are never going to work. You're never going to have a questionnaire that is going to cover every possible issue like 'talking over people'. This means you need a system that is incredibly flexible and yet probes deep inside a person with laser focus. That's what you get when you use the Winner's Bible Online Audit. The best way to explain how the Audit works is to give you a real life example.


I was visited by a highly intelligent woman in her mid-forties. She was attractive and outgoing with a wide range of interests. But despite all her obvious charms she had been single for many years and just couldn't seem to find the right guy. As part of my consultation with her, I asked her to undergo an anonymous Independent Audit. One of the responses that came back said she had an annoying habit of 'talking over people'. When people were halfway through their sentence she'd interrupt them and either finish off their sentence for them, or start her own sentence. Her independent auditor said this made her sound aggressive, as if she knew everything. It was as if she was trying to prove her point all the time. Talking with her felt like 'hard work' and people could never just relax and chill out. This feedback was a complete surprise to my client. She was a nice woman with a genuinely kind and caring soul. She always meant well and had no idea other people thought she came across as 'hard'. But it was true. She was always interrupting. I don't think I finished a single sentence during our first consultation either. After a little probing we discovered this was a symptom of a deeper problem inside her History or Psychology Pillars (see Chapter 4 of the book). It transpired that her mother was a highly successful businesswoman who had achieved her success by constantly pushing herself to the limit and never being satisfied with her own performance. She was a solo mother and wanted her daughter to be even more successful. So she reasoned that if self-discipline was successful for her then she would double it for my client. As a result, my client's childhood was based on a never-ending criticism of her errors coupled with harsh penalties for failure. Not surprisingly, she grew up feeling she was 'never good enough'. Now, even though she was a top corporate executive with three first class degrees after her name, she still unconsciously felt the need to 'prove herself' all the time. In conversations she always had to prove she was the smartest, that she knew what the other person was thinking and that she had the perfect answer. Because she was in the top 1% of the population for IQ, she could usually work out what the other person was going to say long before they finished their sentence and she was only too anxious to give the 'clever' reply. This had a devastating impact on her socially. As I said, inside she was a kind, warm and genuinely caring woman but she came across as arrogant and 'hard work' - as her Anonymous Audit revealed. Once she realized what was going on, and once we'd dealt with the emotional issues unwittingly left in her History Pillar by her mother, her life was transformed. People suddenly started calling her up. She was invited to more dinner parties and social events. And as fate would have it, she met her soul mate at one of these parties and they've lived happily ever after since. All because she found out something about herself that she hadn't known for forty years - by taking an Anonymous Online Audit.