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Can I please arrange some professional assistance with analyzing my four pillars and creating a personal CD.

We are currently in the midst of setting up The Winners Institute with professionals to do just this, however right now it is a work in progress, so please accept our apologies that we cannot provide you with professional assistance immediately. In the meantime, if you would like to create your own CD, which is a powerful tool to use for rewiring your brain, please follow the steps below: 1) Go to our Online Tools and Resource page and download an example of a supercharged CD - called a "Coach's CD" 2) Familiarise yourself with the Chapters on 4 Pillars. This will allow you to find out exactly what's going on inside your brain 3) Use this knowledge to develop a CD 4) On our website you can download background music for free and you'll also find a relaxation script that you can use for the first stage of your recording 5) You can also download free 3rd party audio recording software Please also sign up to our mailing list and we will keep you posted as soon as we have a professional team in place to assist you further.

I have bought 2 copies of the Winner's Bible and am keen to apply it to my life and share it with others. I am concerned with what I feel is a contradictory message in the book. On page 218 Jeremiah 13 v 23 is quoted. This does appear to suggest that one

Your question is an excellent one and maybe I should answer it more fully in a reprint of our book (we have sold out). But let me put this quick thought here for you. It IS a central theme of this book that you can rewire your brain and 'change your spots' so to speak. But this is NOT natural and it takes effort and the use of correct mental tools to do so. And like most things in life - when you DO make these changes - life is indeed much more happy and fulfilled. Now this is where the apparent conflict is resolved. Most people DON'T naturally make those changes. And so they are stuck firm in the past with their 'rudders and paddles' misaligned. This is why they don't change their spots. And for that reason, we need to expect the default position to be that their future will resemble their past. But, if they truly do make a profound deep change then they can overcome this history. So BOTH points hold. I hope this helps. Dr Kerry Spackman.

Do you have a list of questions that we can ask ourselves to get a real insight into each of the four pillars? As you have written, the foundation is absolutely crucial before any work can be done.

What you say is entirely correct - finding out exactly; a) What is in each of your 4 Pillars b) Why they are there? c) What impact they have on you each day is the absolute key to making optimal progress. The question is how do you find out what's in there?? Unfortunately, there is no simple answer or set of questions that works for everyone. When I work with a client to find out what is inside their Pillars I inevitably find the direction we end up going is one they never expected and the questions we end up asking are totally unique to them. It's really a matter of 'following the leads' like a good detective. Too often people get stuck at the obvious big issue / symptom / thing that is shouting loudly at them and don't see what's behind them CAUSING everything. It's really a matter of using a similar process to the one I talk about to uncover one's Intrinsic Drivers. You list all the obvious things - then try to spot any patterns - then try to work out what is underneath each item. Then you look at that LOWER level again and see what's under THAT level. Before long there is usually some really interesting revelation in a direction that was unexpected.

I am not good at visualising is there any thing you could suggest to overcome that problem as it seems to be important.

In the past I've met quite a few people who say they can't 'visualise'. I've managed to train 100% of them to have very powerful, vivid visualisation experiences. Unfortunately this is not something I can do easily via email. However, in 2014 we are running workshops and hopefully you'll be able to attend one of these and I'll be able to unlock this for you. Please check our course page for dates and locations or sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you updated with any new developments.

You use motor racing/yachting/biulding as examples of passions which reveal motivation but these are easy as they are obvious. My passions are eg, nature and heritage architecture.THey dont reveal anything unusual at all as both boil down to a love of beauty?

Being driven / motivated by a ‘love of beauty’ is a truly wonderful thing. First of all you need to truly savour that. Roll it over in your mind and appreciate what it means. It’s easy to say those words – ‘I’m driven by a love of beauty’ – but this is a very special gift that few genuinely have at the core of their soul. It makes you rather special. Don’t just brush it off so easily. It’s not about having – 6 or 7 core drivers – but having core drivers of value. The next thing is that a love of beauty has many different outworkings. Einstein for example was driven by the ‘beauty and symmetry of mathematics’. There is something deeply profound about mathematical beauty which encapsulates the workings of the Universe. While mathematics may not be your forte – it may nevertheless be that there are other areas in life that are also underpinned by beauty that you haven’t yet experienced. Other areas that may well add another layer of richness and texture to your life. Thirdly, because so few people are motivated by a deep sense of beauty – it may be that you can help foster that in other people. Just as you water a plant and it grows from a small seed into a beautiful flower – so too it may be that you can plant a sense of beauty and wonder in others around you. These seeds may not immediately spring forth – but as a person who loves nature you know this is how it goes. Think of my chapter on Albert’s Compass. I hope you see from my very short answer that realising you have a love of beauty is just the start of being able to expand your interests and add further layers of richness and texture to your life.